Alex and Arthur: Owning a Frenchie

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Owning a Frenchie

Frenchies are adorable little cuddly companions -- but all that cuteness comes at a cost.  Here is a link to a list of the top reasons not to own a Frenchie, which are:

1) They fart -- A LOT! One time Dan and I made the mistake of leaving the bedroom door closed while Arthur was in his crate sleeping.  The stench built up so much I had to air the bedroom out for over two hours.

2) They shed a lot.  We've not had this problem yet, fingers crossed.

3) They aren't incredibly loyal.  While yes, if other dogs are around Arthur could care less about where or who I am, I do find him to be incredibly loving and happy when I'm around.

4) Drooling, messy eater and drinker.  Again, Arthur hasn't been overly messy or drooly yet. Although one time I had to wipe his dinner off the top of his head.

5) Little dog syndrome.  Some Frenchies can be aggressive and territorially.  Arthur does prefer to play with larger dogs but he rarely barks and is not overly aggressive.  

6) Tasty tasty poop! Thank goodness Arthur doesn't eat poop...yet.

7) Allergy machines.  Apparently Frenchies can be allergic to all sorts of things.  I've found that out the hard way.  Arthur has an extremely sensitive stomach but FINALLY we've found a food that works.  I'll share that in a post tomorrow.

8) Super stubborn! Ever heard of the phrase "Bull headed" - I prepared myself for a training battle, but Arthur turned out to be surprisingly easy to train.  He's a little bit jerky while in the dog park but hey, he's still a puppy.

9) Total pee pants. I  read Frenchies were extremely hard to house train.  Dan and I were petrified that Arthur would pee in the common hallway of the condo -- we used to carry him outside  -- but again, much easier to train than I thought he would be.

10) Separation anxiety.  This was my biggest fear before we got Arthur.  Dan and I work during the day and I read that Frenchies need to constantly be around people.  Our breeder spoke to "career" people who purchased puppies from previous litters and confirmed that if the puppy learns at a young age that he/she may be left at home for a few hours at a time during the day then he/she should be fine.  Dan and I used to come home at lunch to be with Arthur and so far he seems really well adjusted.

11) Frenchie death yodel.  I heard it twice from Arthur -- both times he was getting his temperature taken in his...ahem.  I don't want to hear it again.

12) Health issues galore.  Nothing serious yet but my little boy is still a baby.

I'm going to copy this word for word right from the list:

13) Frenchies – the four legged crack of the dog world.

Frenchies should come with a warning label slapped on their sides – something to let all of us poor suckers know that owning one is never enough. Allergies, poop breath, carpet piddling – if you’re the kind of person who can tolerate all of this and still love a Frenchie, you’re just one short step away from becoming a Frenchie junkie, just like the rest of us. Once you’ve owned one, nothing less will ever again do. Consider yourself forewarned.

It's hard for me to consider owning another dog right now as Arthur is still a baby (translation, a lot of work) but I could see myself becoming a crazy Frenchie Lady.

He's just so worth it.

Alex & Arthur

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  1. he is uber cute! I am considering becoming a frenchie mum, but im holding out for an apartment with a little garden. they are so popular in barcelona i see them all the time. one thing i did notice is that when they are walking with their parents they always seem to look up to check where they are, so i found the loyalty comment odd! keep me posted!



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