Alex and Arthur: Resolutions!

Thursday, 2 January 2014


For the first time in my 30 years on this planet I will be making some new years resolutions.  That's not to say I've never said a resolution before as either part of some elementary school excercise, or in conversation to a friend or family member (because I felt like I need to say something even though I had no intention of following through with the resolution), but this is the first time I've actually wanted to create some goals for 2014 and am determined to see them happen.

This year, I plan to:

    Some of you may remember that earlier this year I took an two month assignment filing in for someone while they worked on a project. Well, I went back to that assignment at the end of October and will be here until at least the end of January (will probably be here longer).  This job takes up a lot of my time and I usually end up coming home quite late, eating something quick or take out (neither nutritious), and then falling asleep only to wake up in the morning to head straight back to work. 

    I've not been eating properly balanced meals, and my idea of "work/public presentable" is being clean and wearing clothes.  This year I plan on taking time for myself (my hair and nails are atrocious) and eating properly balanced meals.

    • Eat better (ensure that I'm eating well thought out/balanced meals)
    • Work less
    • Do more physical activity
    • Take more time in the morning to get ready for work and actually wear some of the nice makeup I own
    • Do not put wet hair up in a ponytail more than twice a week.
    • Do not get Starbucks more than 3 times a week and drink less coffee in general
    • Meditate in the morning
    • Make an effort to hang out with friends.  I used to be the friend who always made plans but it became tiring to be the person who always called.  Sometime mid-way through my university career I decided that if someone wanted to hang out with me, they`d call me and make plans.   I need to break out of this mindset and reach out to friends more.  I live like a 10 minute walk from a really good friend and I barely ever see him.


    My condo needs a lot of work.  I love living in Toronto but unfortunately the location means I had to sacrifice space (it's expensive yo!).  There is a lot I can do to my condo to utilize space better.  There are quite a few things that were shoved into space when we first moved in and have not been touched since.  I have TONS of art that needs to be hung up but I've been reluctant to actually make a commitment and put it on the walls....I just need to do it and realize that anything can be rearranged if I don't like it.

    This goal also ties into the first goal as I'd like to also purge a lot of items I don't need.  I'm of the mind set of, "but you'll never know when you need it," which I'm fairly certain is how hoarders also think.  I'm going to try the "if you haven't touched it since you've moved here, then throw it out."

    • Find proper storage for all of my DVDs
    • Throw out or donate at least 2 garbage bags full of items (donate 1 bag of clothes)
    • Properly display all of my Cathrineholm, Kaj Franck, etc. collection
    • Install shelves in the front hallway
    • Get a new faucet for the kitchen sink
    • Find a rug for the living room and front hallway
    • Frame and hang all art pieces
    • Install hooks in the kitchen to hang mugs
    • Rearrange dining space

  3. ART, ART, ART

    Fun fact about me: my program in university was a joint program with an art college and while I was working towards my undergraduate degree, I also got a diploma for visual arts from the college.  I focussed primarily on photography and design/ graphic design but found time to do some painting as well.  My job is not in the art field AT ALL, actually very far from it.  Aside from "creative problem solving/solutions", there is absolutely nothing creative about my job.  My blog was supposed to be my creative outlet and it fell by the way side last year.  Part of the problem was poor planning and, to tie it into the first goal, not taking time for myself.  This year I'm going to plan posts in advance...this will also help me ensure that I'm actually following through with my resolutions because I plan on posting updates on my progress.

    Back to the art...these are a couple of paintings I did during the last couple of weeks.   They were done on scraps of cardboard and each painting was completed in under an hour...using primary colours and black/white.  So this year, I plan on painting more (and buying more colours of paint) and I'll also be doing the 365 Photo Project.

    • Paint 2 paintings to hang in my condo
    • Complete the 365 Photo Project
    • Create a blog agenda and plan to post at least 3 times a week
    • Reassess blog design
    • Reassess and possibly reopen Etsy store  

    For a door decorating contest at work.  The theme was "favourite Christmas movie"

    Sorry about the very lengthy post.  Although there are only three items listed, I do have a lot of sub-goals to accomplish.  I do reserve the right to add new goals to my list at any given time....after all, this is my first new years resolution experience.

    There is one item not on my goal list but it's always a standing item: more puppy cuddles!I hope everyone had a safe and health New Year.  Did anyone else make resolutions for 2014?

    Alex & Arthur



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