New Year, New Me?

Nah. But there are some things that I would like to accomplish in 2019.

Instead of making a grandiose resolution that feels daunting and unobtainable, I've decided to make myself smaller goals that fall within the four categories below.  They are also short term goals that I would like to accomplish in the winter months (Jan-Mar) and will be revised once spring comes along. 

I plan on documenting my attempts on this blog, as I think it will help hold me accountable for meeting my goals.  

Happy to have you along for the ride.

(Any updates to my lists, I'll make sure to bold and items I've accomplished will be in black font with a link to the corresponding blog post.)

  • Out & About

    ​Living in Toronto isn't cheap. If I'm going to pay to live in this city, then I should partake in what it has to offer.  This is a continuation of a goal I set for myself last year

  • Living Space

    ​I think that I might struggle with this list the most.  There are a number of things I need to organize and fix up my home.  

    • Finish an initial organization of my storage space

    • Find solution to organize dining space

    • Donate two bags of clothes

  • Gadgets & Things

    Inspired by a post I saw on Buzzfeed, this list of items will help make my life more efficient and achieve some of the goals in other categories.  

    • Dyson vacuum

    • Makeup Removing Cloth

    • New sideboard/buffet

  • Books & Films

    Be more cultured you swine! I need to read more that's really what this category is about but there are some movies that I still want to see.​

    • Bohemian Rhapsody

    • Hereditary 


    • Washington Black: A Novel

    • Becoming 

January to March (Winter)

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