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Manmoa, Dude of the Sea

I'm off to a great start with my list of goals. On the weekend, I went to see Aquaman at the new 270 degree panoramic screen that opened up at Queensway theatre in late December.

It was an experience.

There are three screens to achieve the panoramic view. All of the photos I looked at beforehand made it appear as though the two screens on the side where angled outwards but in fact, they were just added to a pre-existing theatre along the walls so were at a 90 degree angle to the main screen. Essentially it was like sitting in a box made up of movie screens.

The movie switched between the regular, single screen view and panoramic, which I was thankful for because initially I was quite nauseous. I got used to it so don't let it discourage you from going if you are sensitive or prone to motion-sickness.

I thought there may be some rhyme or reason to the switch (initially I thought it was non-panoramic for land scenes vs. panoramic for underwater) but I don't think there was.

You can see my review of the movie on LetterBoxd, if you're interested in what I thought about it.

Have you seen Aquaman or another film on ScreenX? If yes, what did you think?

Quick video on my phone of the ScreenX technology:


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