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The Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival

I have wanted to go to the Winter Craft Beer Festival for a few years now -- having been to the one in the summer a couple of times, the thought of one in the winter was always intriguing.

As part of my new year's attempt of no longer making excuses, I made sure that I could go this year. It was fun -- I think I may have even liked it more than the one in the summer but man, was it ever cold. I did learn a few things for next year because you can bet there will be a next year:

1) Wear more than one pair of socks. My toes were frozen and I think an extra pair of socks would have made a world of difference. 2) Bring hand or toe warmers. My boots are warm but after a few hours in the cold, my toes were frozen. There are heat lamps around the grounds but they're not very warm.

3) Pretzel necklace. Not necessary, but I saw a number of people walking around with a string of pretzels around their neck and I was a little bit jealous. Also having something to snack on in between samples is more than welcome.

4) Carry kleenex. Cold weather = runny nose.

5) Bring sunglasses. Thank god for Indie 88 (and my ever growing collection of their sunglasses) but for some reason, I still haven't gotten my brain to disassociate cold with the lack of sun.

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