Thirty Days of Tom (Hardy)


What I Learned - #ThirtyDaysofTom

  • PELTS!


  • I really don't like to have my ability to accomplish something challenged.  I generally knew this about myself before but the intensity that came out from people doubting that I would be able to watch all these movies was interesting and welcomed. 

  • Don't try and order DVDs from different countries if you need them within a shorter timeframe - they probably won't arrive in time.


  • He grunts, mutters and makes little noises as much as you think he does. I stopped noticing it after a while but it's there.

  • Tom Hardy can't straighten his right pinky finger due to an accident with a kitchen knife in his youth. I noticed this about three movies in and now it's hard not to see but I find it weirdly comforting.

  • His face isn't covered as much as we all like to think it is.  He's also not that hard to understand if you pay attention to him.  And I think he manages different accents very well. He seems to play more with the cadence of an accent/dialect versus trying to nail regional accuracy.


  • He was previously married to a woman named Sarah Ward. I found this out when trying to figure out what the tattoo across his lower abdomen says.  I initially thought it was 'Til I Die Sui', as in he's the biggest Anna Sui fan ever.  But turns out it's 'Til I Die SW'.

  • Although he has a big presence, he's actually a smaller than he carries himself - he can't be more than 5'9.  This revelation shocked me because he seems like such a hulking man.

  • I started off as a Tom Hardy fan but now I'm a Tom Hardy FAN.  This man can act his pants off (and has several times) and he's incredibly captivating.  Even a terrible film can't dim his natural charisma.


  • This didn't start off as Thirsty Days of Tom (as someone misread the hashtag) but it ended that way. I noticed my film reviews got progressively less focused on the films themselves and more about him.  He is a very attractive man.


  • I've never met Tom Hardy but I did spent a lot of time "with" him over this past month in all his various forms.  It is really hard to explain but a few times I missed his presence while I was at work. 

  • Going to work the following Monday after binge watching movies all weekend is tough.  I may have had Tom Hardy to keep me company but it's not the same as real human interaction. I loathed talking to people at work on Mondays.  Why are you bothering me with your questions? Quick, one of you punch Joel Edgerton in the face.


  • All movies and no play makes Alex, something something.  Watching up to five movies in one day is also hard.  This is something I do during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) but I also take vacation during that time.  This challenge was harder and I felt emotionally exhausted more than a few times this month.

  • Just like with every TIFF, I ended up getting sick.  I used to think I got sick at TIFF from being in theatre after theatre with thousands of people but now I'm thinking that the emotional exhaustion plays a big part.


  • There were many times when I wanted to stop doing this or take a break from watching movies.  But when I got to the final three, I started to take my time because I didn't want it to end. (Same thing happens every year at TIFF)


  • When I'm at TIFF that becomes part of my identity for those 10 days and it's a key factor as to why I'm sad when it's coming to an end.  This felt exactly the same.  Who am I without Tom Hardy films? 


  • The next day after the challenge ended, I started to watch Taboo.

Me after 30 days of nothing but Tom Hardy films